Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The End of the Road

dear readers
its time to say goodbye again
my worst fears came true
she locked her blog
open only to invited readers
as you all know
this is the place where i respond to her blog posts
thats the only reason i came back to blogging
from now on i cant stalk on her blog
i cant hardly know whats happening to her
i cant post responses
since this blog is about her
and only about her
now i see no reason of writing anything here
so let this be the last post
but i'll always be the sun of a beach
while every post before this is directed to her
this final post is to you
my readers
thanks for your support
till we meet again
peace ^^v

The PNP Experience (Part 2: There's No Place Like Home)

day 3
and its already raining outside
heavy rain
cant go batu ferringhi beach
i missed the chance
to be the sun of that beach
cant go butterfly farm
cant go many places
go around the island inside the car
reached balik pulau
ate asam laksa
reached snake temple
few snakes available
reached queensbay mall
my biggest impression is the toilet and parking ticket
reached kek lok si temple
and its still drizzling on the way up
night falls
went to the stalls nearby sunway hotel
and finally got to eat my favourite penang rojak

day 4
after breakfast
packed our bags and checked out
bought tau sar pneah
went to khoo kongsi
went to the temple of sleeping buddha
went to a wishing pond
threw coins
i wished for good luck
didn't get it
i wished for happiness
got it
lets see
went for lunch after that
kuay teow soup
my recommendation
started the journey home after lunch
used the penang bridge to go back on the mainland
and as usual
i didn't sleep much during the journey home too

4 days
ended fast
nice trip
great memories
but there are times
i sort of disconnected with my friends for a while
because thoughts of you came on my mind

when i reached home
i thought
although there's no place like perlis and penang
but there's no place like home
hope you get what i mean

Thursday, June 24, 2010


that time your dear was sick
you took bus
and then walked 1km to his place
just to be with him

that time you were lonely at home
your dear walked all the way from his house to yours
at midnight
just to be with you

you did a lot for each other
i dont know how to say
its really just


My Dear

my dear
your dear fell sick

my dear
i'm sick too

my dear
your dear had fever

my dear
i'm having cough and sore throat

my dear
you told your dear to take care

my dear
i wish you care for me too

my dear
you told your dear to cover blankie tight tight

my dear
i wish to cover blankie tight tight with you by my side

my dear
i wish to be your dear

but no matter how my dear
you will always be my dear

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The PNP Experience (Part 1: The Journey is Part of a Trip)

stands for
perlis and penang
back from the 4 days trip
a nice experience
i wont forget

day 1
the journey starts
from klang central
at 9.30am
when we reached kangar
its already evening
what to do along the journey?
many will say sleep
but i did not sleep much
most of the time
i looked outside
to enjoy the view
because to me
the north-south highway
is full of nice sceneries
credits to the highway builder
i saw
the city skylines of klang valley
the unique rocky landscapes before and after ipoh
the waterfall along the highway
the mining sites extracting granite from the rocky hills
the twists and turns around the mountain
and the tunnel after that
the factories of butterworth
the green paddy fields of kedah
and finally the highway ends in a small town called changlun
a night at kangar
also a small town
with not much entertainment
no saturday night fever whatsoever

day 2
went to kaki bukit
another small town under the hills
along the road
the scenery is my favourite
green paddy fields
with rocky hills as the background
what a place to escape from the busy city life
sitting in one of the rocky hills
is gua kelam
the first time i've been to a cave
batu caves not counted
next stop
padang besar
a town
at the borders
of malaysia and thailand
took bus to penang
took ferry across the penang strait
checked in the hotel
not feeling well
bad cough sore throat
lost my voice
didn't go anywhere at night
took some rest in the hotel room

now i shall take a rest here
to be continued
in my next post
day 3 and day 4

Saturday, June 19, 2010

P for...

p for post
your post kept coming
its your third of the day
and i keep respond
thanks for keeping me busy

p for perlis and penang
its where i will be
for the next 4 days

p for postpone
perhaps for those days that i'm away
i would not be able to read your blog
and post my response
i will postpone my response
since its a promise to you

p for passion
the passion that i have for football
the passion that you have to lose weight
the passion that i have for you
the passion that you have for him

last but not least
p for P license
congratulations for passing your driving test
way earlier than i did mine
you can now drive to meet him
you can now drive out for dating
you can even drive me crazy
well you've being doing that long before
but most importantly
drive save
your p stands for probation
while my p stands for professional

peace ^^v
and it starts with a P

Determination is Power

you seemed determined
very determined
to lose 2kg in 10 days

skipping meals
eating only oatmeals
and exercise like hell

determination is power
but too much of anything
might not always be good

well i hope you succeed
and hope that you are still as beautiful as ever the next time i see you
but when will it be?